Kumquat Bae is totes going to be your new bae.

Bringing to our peeps the freshest, lit-est and most innovative ideas, we will take your tub-time to the nek level. Bath bomb's are obvs our passion and we believe that they are vibrant, full of colour and personality. We want to bring this to your life (#bathbomblyf). Here at Kumquat Bae we aim to inject some of that fun and personality into those moments of relaxation. Our pretty accurate 'have you in stitches' descriptions, paired with our great handmade (totes artisan) products are the ultimate way to indulge and enjoy yourself. In selected products, you will find  yourself surprised with a little gift (one of our European charms, obvs), with many to collect. We believe that our packed-with-a-punch products are the perfect way to end (or begin) everyday. Happy shopping friends!